What is the Retirement Success Profile?

The Retirement Success Profile (RSP)
is a scientifically-designed assessment tool that identifies personal retirement strengths and concerns for individuals and couples over 50 who are planning their retirement or who are already retired.

The goal of the RSP is to provide you with the most accurate, personalized, and comprehensive retirement planning information possible. Unlike many other retirement programs, it does not focus solely on financial planning.

The RSP addresses 15 life arenas and factors that contribute to retirement success. These include:

  • Life meaning
  • Leisure interests
  • Financial security
  • Adaptability
  • Health
  • Work reorientation and replacement of work functions
  • Attitude and life satisfaction
  • Dependents and relationships

Retire from Work, but not from life. - Mk Soni

"Retire from work, but not from life."
- M.K. Soni

The RSP enables you to assess what is important to you in your retirement, and profiles how prepared you are to move forward in these life arenas.

In addition, the RSP gves you a way to measure not only how prepared you are for retirement in relationship to your own values, but also how your own priorities and preparation vary from those of others.

Over the past 18 years, the RSP has been validated, administered and interpreted by thousands of individuals — and continually refined along the way.

After completing the RSP, you will receive a 23-page RSP Personalized Interpretive Report. As your coach, I will help you interpret this report and help you create a Personal Retirement Mission Statement and Retirement Strategy Plan.

You will also receive a copy of The New Retirement, a 121-page paperback book written by Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D., sub-titled “Your mature career/life planning guide.”


Dr. Johnson is a nationally recognized spokesperson in the field of retirement and adult development, having written and lectured extensively in those fields. He is the former president of the American Association for Adult Development and Aging, and the founder of Retirement Options.

The New Retirement, portrays a refreshing new perspective of retirement. It coordinates perfectly with the RSP and will help you explore your interest in each of the 15 life arenas and factors. It is uplifting andmotivational, thought provoking and original, as well as sensitive and insightful. This companion book to the RSP is only available through a Certified Retirement Coach like me.