There is a great deal of information available on-line pertaining to retirement planning. The following are a few links to resources that you may find useful.


AARP. Information and advocacy for those 50+ regarding health, travel, volunteering, relationships, finance, etc.

MetLife Mature Market Institute. Research organization on issues of aging and longevity.

Retired Brains. Resources for retirees and those planning retirement.

Wired Seniors. Over 5,000 useful links to websites for those 50+. Also matchmaking, home exchange, travel guide, and other services.

Third Age. A boomer’s guide to a life of health, happiness, passion and purpose.

"Don't simply retire from something - have something to retire to."
- Harry Emerson Fosdick

Fidelity Investments. Information, tips, and tools on financial planning for retirees. [visit site]

Purdue University. Financial planning for retirement workbook. [visit site]

Yahoo. Retirement calculator, articles, tools, and advice. [visit site]

Retirement Jobs. Job search site. [visit site]

Retiree Workforce. Job search site. [visit site]

Mayo Clinic. Tips for healthy aging. [visit site]

National Institute for Health. Health and wellness
information. [visit site]

Cohousing. Cohousing opportunities and information
for seniors. [visit site]

Decades Group.  Complete eldercare for seniors.. [visit site]

Transitions Abroad. Senior travel information and
websites. [visit site] Senior Travel. Senior travel information
and travel blog. [visit site]

Senior Corps. Volunteer opportunities, jobs, and
other services. [visit site]

My RSVP. Volunteer programs for those 55+.
[visit site]

SCORE. Volunteer opportunities for retired business
people, as well as resources for small businesses.
[visit site] Education and support for
grandparents. [visit site]

Best Seniors Dating.  Links to senior dating websites. [visit site]