Outcomes of Retirement Coaching

When you sign up for retirement coaching with me,
you can count on getting the following results:
  • A Retirement Success Profile that shows you what your priorities are for retirement and where you need to invest more energy in preparing for retirement
  • Your own Retirement Goals and Retirement Plan
  • Your personalized Mission Statement to guide your decision making
  • The New Retirement, by Dr. Richard Johnson
Throughout the process, whether you are an individual or a couple, you will receive
personalized coaching sessions to guide you through the process, as well as customized
homework assignments to help you explore retirement issues in greater depth.
After completing the RSP, you will receive a 23-page RSP Personalized Interpretive Report. As your coach, I will help you interpret this report and help you create a Personal Retirement Mission Statement and Retirement Strategy Plan.

You will also receive The New Retirement, a 121-page paperback book written by Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D., sub-titled “Your mature career/life planning guide.”
The New Retirement clearly portrays a refreshing new perspective of retirement. It coordinates perfectly with the RSP and will help you explore your interest in each of the 15 life arenas and factors.

This companion book to the RSP is uplifting, motivational, thought provoking and original, as well as sensitive and insightful. Also, it’s only available through a Certified Retirement Coach like me.