Retirement is the biggest transition that
most couples will face in their lifetime.

A career provides more than just money. Work provides five major
, according to The New Retirement, by Dr. Richard P. Johnson:

  • Financial remuneration
  • Time Management and life structure
  • A sense of purpose
  • Social status
  • Companionship

These needs do not disappear upon retirement. The challenge for
retirees is to replace these work functions after ending a career.

Retirement is an opportunity to finally do those things you have always dreamed of doing, whether that is:

  • Running your own business
  • Traveling to exotic locales
  • Moving to a new community
  • Learning a language
  • Taking up a musical instrument
  • Spending time with your grandchildren
  • Doing volunteer work

You wouldn't try to cross the country without a roadmap.
Surely you wouldn't want to go into retirement without a plan.

This need is even more critical for couples than for singles, as
couples need to include each other's potentially different needs.

Let me help you create a plan so that you can Retire Your Way!, get where you want to go, and live your dreams.

While there are many retirement coaches available, I am one of the few coaches who has created a specialized process just for couples.
I work with couples and singles within 5 years of retiring who believe that retirement is just the next stage in this exciting journey we call "life".

The sooner you commit to my coaching, the sooner you will have your roadmap to retirement and be on your own personalized path.

Bruce Poster is one of the leading Retirement Coaches in the USA. His creativity and extensive experience make finding and following the road map to retirement not just possible, but actually enjoyable.